The Real Housewives of Atlanta

Posted: September 14, 2010 in Uncategorized

Went to a venue where the house wife of Atlanta was there for the opening of a new production company called LOFT 22 I got to meet Princess Banton whose smile was very inviting and personable. Radio host Rashan Ali from V103 with Ryan Cameron show was also there, lawd of mercy her voice was so raspy like she was smoking tons of cigarette but the chick had a pretty face. I was there with Saptosa who deals with celebrity daily, she owns 135 Street Agency with her partner out of New York and here in the ATL. The venue was invite only a great opportunity for me to meet and greet possible land an appointment with Loft 22 production regarding my treatment I have written made for TV no word on that yet, Princess call me Girl!!.

After that venue we meaning me and Saptosa head over to the taping of Bravo featuring Sheeree hairstylist who was to début is single. NENE the queen of reality TV from the real house wives of Atlanta walked in with her entourage no husband in site, she was tall next to my five foot two-inch frame she looked seven feet in six-inch pumps but I’m not judging. The event was hosted by Bravo TV an opening for one of hairstylist the only person missing was Dwight. Sheeree’s hairstylist remember him he was the one who wore that tight fitted jeans cut out from the rear and seven-inch heels last season at her opening of her clothing line “She by Sheeree “ LOL.

He début his single singing and dancing the night away, suddenly while still on stage one of his shoe flew pass me almost knocking me to the ground which was hysterical. The outfit he had on I could not find anywhere in the stores upset because I wanted to get my freak on at Taboo and that outfit was just the thing to set it off up the club. Very revealing and tight-fitting every curb of his body, on his feet he wore a black lace six-inch pumps, toes hanging from the shoe. “Smiling amongst the crowd of people he was excited, people was making jester pointing at him that his teeth was covered in lipstick. Men whom I considered straight acted a fool drooling from their mouths throwing flowers on to the stage it was crazy. Ok family enough of all that attach is the picture of Candy she looks adorable however some fool forgot to airbrushed my face…I look a Hot mess.

Candy is in my opinion the only real HOUSE WIFE of Atlanta with class, she spoke to everyone even took time out to take pictures. Kim the other housewife who dated big Papa was still feuding with Nene, she sat on the couch the entire time and you could see the tension in her face towards NENE they really are beefing no joke. Sheeree rear end was so big it looked like she had just left the plastic surgeons office, it was that Hugh kind of reminded me of Nicky Minaj butt pad. See you next time family when I have some more gossip to share, hold your head up Girl ‘Hell Ye I’m Here for you…

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