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Posted: September 16, 2010 in Uncategorized

Family on the serious side what do you really feel about Contractors working for the government? I know there is a separation between the two however just to hear your own views and opinions…"Be honest."

  1. sparkle says:


    I’m not against Contractors, because everyone needs a job. But when Bush was in office he allowed all these contracting companies (most of his friends) to fill Gov’t positions, saying it was going to save money, but that’s not true, because most contractors get paid more than the gov’t employee. Most FTEs, I think for the most part – treat contractors the same as FTEs, but like you I have heard some horror stories about how some contractors are treated. (like a factory workers).


  2. sparkle says:

    I started at CDC as a contractor, so I have experienced both sides of the fence and if you really want to know the God’s honest truth, in many cases contractors are treated better and paid better than FTE’s. I agree with Charon that everyone does need a job regardless of what side of the fence they are on. Like I said, I have been both and definitely try not to judge anyone. I do sometimes feel that FTE’s and contractors are treated like a segregation, but what it comes down to is the pool of knowledge that everyone brings to the table. I am currently trying to educate myself on the difference between to two since I am one of the HR people in my office.


  3. sparkle says:

    …don’t let it get you down and what’s going on?

    I personally think that the Contractors have proven themselves to be worthy of the work they do!

    The contractors I’ve been privilege to work with have good work ethics and you can count on them to “show-up”…

    FTEs can be quite ugly and uppity and although I love the idea of “the Union”, I do believe that this is another reason why there may be a so- called “rift” between the two groups…Contractors/FTEs!

    But hell, some folks didn’t like the idea that the agency hired Welfare to Work Trainees back in 1997 either…folks look at working at the CDC as a prestige type of job…its always something to prove! You know, at the end of the day…I thank GOD daily for this “good gubment job” – even if it is in “Travel” I can say that it’s the best job I’ve ever had! I’m going to be for real with you…I’m only talkin’ bout things that I know (Mary J Blige) and I can’t be concerned about who’s making what and who’s saying what! We all need a job, so we can pay our damn taxes…thank GOD for taxes – yea, right!!! …before we see it, they take it!

    Lady V

  4. sparkle says:

    Thanks family that’s a mouth full

    Family for the record someone brought up that contractors are paid more than let me just say this it is not the actual fact some contractor may very well depending on the position that they are lucky to be placed in , second I put a lot of emphasis on some employee chosen by these agencies are more professional and value there workers however my point was to find out how Contractors are view amongst their peers FTE Government workers and to start a conversation because I feel its relevant and no one seem to be talking about how they really feel regarding this issue.