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The Bishop Eddie Long story got even MORE SCANDALOUS when a THIRD boy who was a member of New Birth Missionary Baptist Church, named Jamal Paris, sued Bishop Eddie Long. According to Jamal, he like the other two boys was COERCED into having SEX with Bishop Long when he was UNDER 18.

According to a ROCK SOLID SOURCE, earlier this year Jamal attempted SUICIDE!!! And there’s more, shortly after surviving the attempt – Jamal wrote this SCATHING letter, an apparent attempt at describing the PAIN HE SUFFERED as a result of what Bishp Eddie Long did to him.

Do you remember the time that you used to be able to look at yourself, know and like the person you saw looking back. I cant say that i do. I can honestly say that life has been hard, i have wanted to quit many many times and tried to quit by terminating my membership here on earth.

But i am still here. Through the trials i am here. you have hurt me. I am not DEAD. i am still standing, tears in my eyes, years of hurt in my heart, feet on the ground. i am here. all i ever did was love you and want you to love me. you lied and deceived me. Why. does it matter do you even know.

I lost a life because of you. the sad part is it is the life you gave. i gave up so much, of myself and what i valued most. for you.

Whether someone tells you about this note or not, God knows it and sees my heart. I will no longer allow you and your actions to stop me from living.

I will not allow you to take anymore from what you have taken. and if you dont know let me tell you: my joy and peace, my innocence, you murdered that genuine person that was inside of me, the person that god made me. you took away hope, and you almost caused me to take my own soul. what kind of person are you.

You are not a human, you are a monster, you have made me one to those who care and cared about me and now i see the world like i see you, evil, corrupted and full of lies. i dont need you to hurt or love me anymore i can do that by myself for free, no price and no string attached.


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