“I feel Like David against Goliath but I got five stones and I ain’t thrown one yet!”

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The night before visiting New Birth I had butterflies in my stomach & couldn’t sleep but I had to cover this story which was the hottest topic in the ATL. After two grueling hours in traffic to get to the Church then an additional hour just to park, I could not wait to get a seat and as I entered the church I was overwhelmed. I had no idea how huge the church was there; had to be well over ten thousand people seated, and with one area left open I hurried along pushing through the crowd to get a seat, which thank God overlooked the balcony and even though I needed to use the restroom but I shone at the idea of losing my seat so I sat still anxious to hear what the pastor was going to say. The crowd in that auditorium reminded me of a Jay-Z concert – it was that packed – and the New Birth Choir began to sing all one hundred of them; it was a foot stomping event, jumping to my feet I joined in singling along with the folks seated in my row “Faithful is Our God.”

Everyone stood to their feet and some running around the church screaming hallelujah, “Thank you God” and I swear I felt the Holy Ghost up in there. Bishop Eddie Long later enter the church walking hand-in-hand with his lovely wife Vanessa, they stood in confidence not afraid to face the packed crowd of church members and visitors,and as I watched I could only imagine what his wife must be going through, standing by her man knowing all that they have built was under attack. Bishop Long kissed his wife on the lips then escorted her to her seat then stood there at that pulpit with his somber face and his I-POD ( whatever happen to the bible) for a minute or so as the crowd went wild. Cheering and clapping, one louder than the other yelling, “You don’t have to speak pastor”, “You don’t have to say one word”, Loved and believe to be innocent or at least on this Sunday by his followers and why not they should support him, I think it is admirable and profound that he has support from his members but personally I will be checking out all pastors cross-eyed from now on. The Bishop has put a lot of young men through colleges but his actions are in excusable if they are found to be true. Years back 20/20 had a documentary about the pastor Jim Jones whose followers were brain wash, his followers believe that Jim Jones could do no wrong but in the end unthinkable poisoning and killing them all, many lives were lost that day. Don’t get me wrong I’m not stating there is a comparison between Jim Jones and Bishop Long I am making a point to show how New Birth members truly believe in the pastor innocent and the media or gossip is going to change that. Can I keep It real”, I mean really do the members truly in their hearts believe that the bishop can do no wrong, that he is so innocent of these allegations by those four young men or are they themselves brainwash?

Eddie Long is known all over the world label as a mega star and I also understand he is a celebrity in most people eyes, some thinking he is our very own black Rock Star in the pulpit but come on the price for fame as well as fortune has allowed this type of publicity’s something I’m sure he did not want display in the media. The church followers are devoted that is a fact however the public need to hear the truth, we want to know what type of role models our young men are mimicking from the pulpit. Abuse is never easy some folks are truly upset with these charges but are we ready to let this go move on to the next big story, I say hell to clear the pastors name. Please lest not forget that for one he is human and a man chosen by God, bless by God who has allowed himself to believe that his status, wealth and fame makes him untouchable. Bishop Long a black man in the south may not get a fair trial but money do talk, Bishop Long has the best of the best attorneys coming up against BJ Bernstein known in the industry as a beast when it comes to winning cases. People are jealous of his fame, wealth and status him being a Black man having so much power scares people very same folks will stop at nothing to bring him down. The Rise and Fall of an empire they call it he has no choice but to face a juror of his peers to get a fair trial.

Camera or cell phones were not allowed in the church, I wanted so very much to capture the beauty of the sanctuary but my memory will serve as reminder of this day holy Sunday when I saw first hand the power of his empire. Eddie long said little when he spoke today and I’m sure he was told or censor by his attorneys not to speak on the issue in length, he then ended the service with a quote from the bible reading from Psalm 34 verse 19 “Title ” How to Handle Pain and Disappointment, left the same somber way he arrived. I felt cheated he left me wanting more but all I got from the Pastor was his last words, I’m Going to fight I feel like David and Goliath with five stone but I Ain’t thrown one yet… Bernice King daughter of the late respected Rev Martin Luther King JR close out the service speaking briefly, her word residue with the crowd as she ask everyone to please continue lifting up the pastor in prayer stating that the church and it’s pastor is under attack need all our prayers. OK I must say it has been real however this is my take on all this alleged attack pastor claim is suddenly focus on him, I do feel that the Eddie Long is a hypocrite he was the one marched down the busy streets of Atlanta a year ago attacking Gay lifestyle was he not? now we are a year later he is under attack with allege misconduct of abusing his pastoral positing. Explain to me why would a pastor in that forum send pictures like the one we all saw in the media, pictures only for his wife to young boys? Today I got a text from my source from NY telling me there are more allege pictures graphic in nature not yet out to the media showing Bishop Long naked coercing this young man with sexual favor so say his accuser. This feels like a set up to me which only makes me wonder when will the True Pastor Eddie Long Stand Up and speak the truth come out of the closet he has been hiding in.

So many of our black influential brothers are uncover, they are not locked up behind bars, they are living real lives here in the ATL the sad part is that these brothers don’t think they are gay, their take is I love women and men I can’t help my feelings, “well damnit if you love smelling booty hole you are Gay. These undercover brothers are putting their family’s at risk for infectious disease creeping and sleeping with men then bringing home that mess to their wives, swearing up and down that there not gay,”RIGHT…” Bishop long is no different he may be a bishop over a flock of herds but he’s still a man, he is entitle to make mistake just own up to it please. Abuse is not OK no matter what it is, I know been there done that wearing the t-shirt now, for years this types of abuse has been going on in our black churches, we the media and the public is just getting wind of the destruction cause by these hidden abuse. Pastor I say to you if these are just allegations from those four young men and we the public find out that they are at fault, then they should burn in hell for what they have done to tarnish your good reputation. If found that those allegation’s are facts and that you have been creeping in the pulpit then I pray for your soul, man cannot judge and should not judge you but God. Leaving the pack church I can’t believe I got lost but i did trying to locate my car and had to be escorted by one of the ushers who told me to pretend I was going around High-WAY 285 twice, I chuckle at his comment but kept it moving. Lucky to get over to the area where the babies were being dedicated, caught a glimpse of baby Sebastian dedication to God, who at four months and two teeth later was a joy to witness seeing his mom and dad together handing him over to be blessed by God, he’s a cutie my Sunday was Great after all not only did I get my story but I saw baby Sebastian being dedicated, “That’s Whats up.

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    He is as guilty as they come! I want him to go to jail for life.It’s disgusting,that he is rapping young men.