Posted: October 2, 2010 in Uncategorized

I had no idea what I had stumbled upon Wednesday night when I saw a tweet by rapper 50 Cent extolling the greatness of receiving oral pleasures to his nether regions. I initially dismissed it as a celebrity attempting to garner attention and/or to shock his followers. However, after reading the train-of-thought that led to that tweet I realized something far more significant was at play.

Apparently, 50 Cent tweeted “If you a man and your over 25 and you don’t eat pu**y just kill yourself damn it. The world will be a better place. Lol” from his public Twitter account which is followed by nearly 3.4 million people. The tweet has created a stir on a number of blogs, some referring to it as homophobic.

This is not the first time the rapper has gotten into trouble over oral sex. He was reportedly part of an investigation last year after a woman claimed she had been assaulted by one of his G-Unit employees and another woman after denying 50’s employee oral sex at his Farmington, Connecticut home (the same home that coincidentally was owned by Mike Tyson several years ago).

Celebrities may shout from the rooftops that they don’t want to be role models, but that claim flew out of whatever window was opened as soon as they accepted millions for influencing the way our heads nod or the way our hips sway to a beat they rhyme over. Freedom of speech may exist in theory, but it is a privilege that costs dearly.

Create the highest, grandest vision possible for your life, because you become what you believe.” Oprah Winfrey

  1. Tiffany H. says:

    Let 50 cent do his thing! So what if he is homophobic! Can’t blame him…his body is outstanding! I don’t even like black men, but 50 is an EXCEPTION. Just keeping it real with all.