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Sunday the weather was just right a day of atonement for me to GET MY RIGHTEOUS MIND IN ORDER, the first stop on my agenda was to visit the New Beginning Church in Decatur. Presiding over that church is Bishop Morton brother of the famous Paul Morton who is also well-known all over the world. The church was packed like sardines and intriguing to know most if not all churchgoers weren’t so anxious to talk about the Eddie Long controversy, or at least not on this Sunday (or any of the other churches my crew visited). The only talk from the pulpit from pastor or bishops was a quote heard often which was “People should pray for Bishop Long”.. I almost stood to my feet in defense of the victims but kept quiet when the sermon took another turn talking about all that the bishop had done for people of New Birth. My sources who was posted at Eddie Long church told that New Birth was also crowded, and in his sermon to his congregation Bishop Long spoke on God’s visit, stating that people all over the world was praying for him but he had to Pray for himself. All I have to say to you Bishop is ‘NO COMMENT LET THE COURT DECIDE !!!”

  1. RON says:

    I see where the church money is going

  2. Dionnemack says:

    well no comment on the …… anyway he ridin pretty good wonder what the Mrs. drives