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As always, the best approach is to prevent the disease from developing in the first place, which you know is possible if you are an avid reader. We respect all people who wear pink to support breast cancer survivors and encourage women to participate in breast cancer screening. But we believe every woman needs to do their home work to defend against the disease themselves. To prevent breast cancer, one needs to know as many risk factors as he can and try to avoid them. American Cancer Society suggests on its website that some risk factors are modifiable and some are not. In a word, there are many things a person can do to reduce his or her breast cancer risk. At least wearing pink is not the only thing you can do in the pink month. You don’t have to wait to develop the disease and then seek medical attention to get it removed or treated. At least that is not the best you can do, Please continue to examine your own breast and get annual checkups!

  1. Dionnemack says:

    SHOUTS out ladies… please get your mammograms done!!! the government is trying to do away with the base-line test that is usually at the age 35, however it is needed.. take your mothers, sisters, aunts, grandmoms, or any female that you care about to get their test.. KEEEP IN MIND also the test are at a discounted rate this mon!!!!…. Men you can get checked also its not just women who get breast cancer… YOU DIDNT KNOW>>>>well its AWARENESS MONTH SO NOW YA DO/.. LOVE TO ALL TAKE CARE OF YOUR SELF….