“Single Mothers Catching Hell!!!!

Posted: October 7, 2010 in Uncategorized

Did you all see that baby running after his mama this morning. Here is the scope http://www.thatswhatsupnow.com have learned that the mother left him and his four-year brother at the steps of the day care, told them to “Stay put. That two-year old said heck No took off running after the car while his mother sped out of the parking lot. That baby did a Usane Bolt like he was in the Olympics, trust when I tell you that how fast he was running. “Come to find out the Day care had a policy in place that state no child drop off after 8am. “Give me a break are you telling me that I’m paying you almost $200 a week and I can’t drop off my kids after 9am you crazy. The mother later of course was arrested which was sad she stated she had to get to work on time. ” Do you think that the mother was wrong for leaving the kids like she did on the steps of the day care unsupervised, or the day care for putting the mother on blast, we want to hear from our readers. Log on let us hear your thoughts!!!…


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