Posted: October 13, 2010 in Uncategorized

The allegations against Brett Favre may be just a rumor cause no one has come forward on the record announcing any sort of inappropriate relationship with Favre, who could face a suspension for violating the NFL’s personal conduct rules after Deadspin published inappropriate pictures Favre allegedly sent former Jets employee Jenn Sterger.

His purpose for returning to the Minnesota Vikings after quiting three times was to win a Superbowl. I seriously think in fact I know that will not happen, The Viking lost to New York Jet on Monday with a score of 31-16 proves that the team has a lot of work ahead and Favre right now is the weak link..

He has options: he can *Deny, deny, Deny like some of us do in the’ Hood when we’re caught, or *Get the hell out of New York and make some sort of statement in Minnesota. The jet under the direction of Sanchez has a chance at winning not only the Superbowl but the respect of NY. He is great example of “leader and his team Listen and respect his decisions “Thats whats up Now!!

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