NUH UHHHHHHHHH Not Another law Suit Bishop!!!

Posted: October 15, 2010 in Uncategorized

October 15, 2010. last night received information from our undercover source inside The New Birth Church telling us that another lawsuit had been filed. Relieved I’m sure is the Bishop Eddie Long to know that this does not involve him, or his previous lawsuits filed by the four young men alleging sexual favors. The new lawsuit in question comes from a young lady who is a member of the church, claiming that she has been sexual harassed several times by one of Bishop Eddie Long’s time aid & confidant.

“Certainly we are hoping that this is not another person looking for her fifteen minutes of fame but it seems as if Eddie Long’s problems just keeps growing and growing like my debt and no doubt the body of Christ is under attack. We all need to focus on getting our own righteous minds in order, allow the court to sort all this mess through before crucifying the man, I’m just saying. Continue your prayers for the New Birth Missionary Church, Bishop Long and our readers as younever know when you may need it.” AMEN…

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