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October 15, 2010. is proud to announce our support for Dramatic Weight Loss located in Dunwoody, GA minutes from highway 285. Today I met with Scott Cameron who is Dr. Mansfield’s confidant & business partner and whom I found to be very personable, down-to-earth and deeply caring about changing the lives of people. After leaving the office I came away with the feeling of hope knowing that a program of this caliber is what the American people have been waiting for and I can truly say someone finally “got it right”.

As I entered the two double doors to the office I was greeted with a warm smiles from the staff, who exhibited nothing but professionalism, great customer service and product knowledge – which says a lot about who Dr. Mansfield is and what this center represents. Dr. Mansfield – a true medical doctor – is the mastermind behind this program; he saw a need and implemented a vision that is taking Georgia by storm. He cares about healthy lifestyles and understands the needs & frustrations of so many people who have tried and failed at losing weight; people who have given up hope of ever finding a program that says what it’s going to do and follows through. For example, my assistant Kelly who incidentally has been on the Dramatic Weight Loss program now for three months, has tried every program known to man and got fed up with their promises until she met someone in a grocery store that told her about Dr. Mansfield’s program and she instantly got on board, saw results and now loves every inch of her new curbs. Someone finally listened and got it right and finally we have a winner in Dramatic Weight Loss as my assistant Kelly has lost twenty pounds, has gotten her confidence and sexy back. I am convinced that this center does promote healthy weight loss with a special program committed to showing step-by-step how to achieve your goals, curb your appetite and improve your health.

To find out more about the Dramatic Weight Lost program, visit Don’t forget to mention you heard it here first from to receive $25 off when joining the program for your first time. Who knows…by next summer you too can get your sexy back.…visit for more details.


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