Student Speaks On Harassment & More at Morehouse

Posted: October 15, 2010 in Uncategorized

It is no secret that the Black community has a tendency to embrace homophobic precepts. We teach our little boys to be tough, not to cry and that any sign of weakness or emotion makes them look soft or alludes to them being gay. The last thing a Black man wants to be in our society is gay. So, when a student by the name of Phillip Hudson decided to attend Morehouse College, a traditionally Black, male school, he hoped that his fellow “brothas” would help mold him into a man his parents would be proud of.

Phillip is a 20-year-old gay man. What Phillip did not know is the harassment he and his four friends, who were also gay, were going to experience daily on campus; not only from other students, but from the administration as well. Phillip and his friends, who were nicknamed “The Plastics” (a group of popular teenage females from the movie Mean Girls) by other Morehouse students, have become the voice of the victims of gay bashing at Morehouse College. They speak for those who may be too ashamed to embrace themselves and be openly gay Black men. Phillip and his friends are brave homosexual students, who are willing to share not only their triumphs, but the tragedies and constant harassment they encountered while attending Morehouse College.

He said he was harassed for being an openly gay male. The harassment kind of began during the first few days of him being there. “I pretty much decided on Morehouse” he said, “because I wanted to get experience in being more masculine. I thought since it was an all-male school, it would give me insight on how to be more masculine”. The first day he was there, he was overwhelmed with stares. He was called “fag.” People were laughing at him. Then, there were some days that weren’t as bad. At the dorms, everyone respected him for who he was. Outside the dorms, that is where people were different with him. He would sometimes wait on his friends to come with him to the cafeteria, just so he could have some support. Phillip and his friends would have loved to have gone to more activities on campus but they were not welcomed. “Some days, I did not want to go to class,” said Phillip. “But eventually as time goes by, you become numb to it.”

  1. Tiffany H. says:

    I am completely disgusted by the ‘Plastic’ crew. Stop trying to be something you are not ( a woman). GROSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!