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October 16,2010. Here’s what we heard thusfar. someone from V-103 radio station suspects that something was FISHY. apparently there was a buzz around the station early on in the day. “But what makes it even more crazy is that NO ONE without access can get inside the building, let alone the roof. Unless someone from the radio station called down and let them up.” So . . . did someone from V-103 call down and let the” suicide jumper” up? Well my source reached out to V-103, to ask whether they had ANYTHING to do with allowing the “jumper” into the building. They had NO COMMENT.

Well, if TI was part of an ELABORATE HOAX . . . he may have just bought himself even MORE jail time. Because according to Georgia Law, being involved in a conspiracy to FAKE a suicide attempt gets you UP TO ONE YEAR IN JAIL!!!


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