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October 16, 2010. Terry Kennedy, commonly known as “Compton Ass Terry” or TK, is a professional skateboarder & Ladies he’s “FINNNNEEEE”. Mr. grew up in Long Beach, CA where gang affiliated tried to recruit anyone they could but TK had better plans for his future it was skateboarding who helped him up out of the ghetto. Skateboarding started out as a hobby said TK but later became his claim to fame. Family life was anything that normal growing up for TK his biological mother practically killed herself smoking crack later died from a drug overdose when he was a teenager. His father who had his own issue walked out on him & his siblings when he was just three years old leaving his grandmother to raised him. TK now has a clothing & sneaker line call Stacks along with revenue from major sponsors he’s doing quite well for himself ladies. In the past he has been linked to Angela Simmons the daughter of Reverend Run but just for a hot second, the couple hot & heavy romance ended as quickly as Sara Palin claim for the White house: Being Terry Kennedy his reality show can be seen Tuesday Nights on BET at 10pm (check your local listing for more details).


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