London-Milani Weave Maintenance Tips

Posted: October 17, 2010 in Uncategorized

October 18. 2010. tips on maintaining your weave. Maintenance is required for wearing a weave no doubt- everyone I’m sure has seen a raggedy weave & trust me it does not look good. First I start by getting my own hair shampoo then having it braided into small tiny braids, I hate to see a weave sticking up like a football helmet so I prefer my hair braided real small so it lays flat on my head. A professional stylist then sew the weave hair into my own hair the cost to do that can run from $150 or more for a good head of weave, After the look I desire is accomplish I maintain by using Remy Wig & Weave detangle spray (not to much) then every two week shampoo while using heat once or twice a week. Ladies & Queens the key to a great looking weave is at night you must wrap &cover your hair every night….. To wrap your weave correctly you can start by asking your stylist to show you how or just start by using a wide tooth comb wrapping in circular motion, using a large bobby pins to secure. Remember always keep your weave & your own hair clean by visiting a professional stylist at least every two weeks, have he or she trim the ends of your weave because it will tangle and nap up depending on the hair texture.

If cost is factor which sometimes even for name it is simple do it yourself by using a great shampoo like Red- kin detangle shampoo. Shampoo the hair using only cold water while running your fingers trough your hair or using a wide tooth comb, human hair is always a better selection of hair it cost more but it’s worth it. Personally I don’t like to wear my own hair; it is of fine grade & does not allow me the versatility to do all the styles I love, so for me wearing a weave is an excellent choice. Every two week I opted for changing my hair- weave because I am in an industry which appearance is everything and I hate looking
raggy. Here are two of my favorite hair selection you can pick up at any beauty supply in your area, one is the Yaki straight Premium & second the Remi curly hair, it may cost a little more but it does not tangle taking care of the hair will last up to three months.

One of the first questions people ask me here at is after receiving a full head weave,” how to I maintain my weave”. The answer to this question will astound you…you maintain your weave the same way you do your own hair! That’s right; hair weave maintenance is just that simple.


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