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October 17, 2010. in TUSCALOOSA, Alabama game preview — Alabama’s has a chance to prove that it’s the best team in college football again. Te Crimson Tide needs to worry about being the best team in its own state. Saturday night’s girlish like effort (a nice way of saying boring game was ever played in front of 100,000 people) seemed almost like your typical Late, Late Show following the Feature Attraction four hours and 75 total points away in Auburn’s Jordan-Hare Studiedly.

It’s amazing how fast Rebels quarterback Jeremiah Masoli looked when he was facing Pac-10 defenses weekly while playing for Oregon. Against Alabama — which still leads the SEC in scoring defense at 12.8 points per game — he looked like just another fast guy among a field full of fast guys sloppy.

But Alabama’s offense continued a troubling trend Saturday night. Facing a defense that was blitzing to stop the run on almost every play, the Crimson Tide was unable to consistently complete passes down the field. One of those obstacles is to win five more regular-season games. It’s possible that feat could be accomplished. But it’s going to take a more focus performance than what was showed Saturday night against Ole Miss.


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