Kendra & Hank Talk of Divorce 4 Real!!!

Posted: October 18, 2010 in Uncategorized

October18, 2010. This is more that just the sex tape issue we heard about back in May 2010. My insider source tells me that Kendra is fed up with Hank, he is just not measuring up to be the Athlete and the Bank account she though he would have been bringing in and girl friend should be. Hank is un- stable & maybe un-coach able, probably why he can’t sit still. Talk in football right now is Hanks a no body (sorry Hank) he does not know what he wants or who he wants to play for, his career is in question did you know that Hank Basket has switches Football teams four times since 2009. Kendra his wife of only one year refuse to move again, stating she wants a divorce. ”See what happens when you Athlete marry a (Becky). Hank you better concentrate on your career cause that’s all you got to look forward to…’


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