Ride &Die for My Man Even if Takes 20 Years “WHAT YOU THINK”!!!

Posted: October 21, 2010 in Uncategorized

October 21, 2010. Welcome to a new breed of love: a rising phenomenon women loving those behind bars. http://www.Thatswhatsupnow.com was intrigued but not surprised to find out that so many women are in a relationship that most people would frown upon – dating a convicted felon behind bars. Whether a naughty boy or a bad boy, for these women it’s a safe bad boy relationship because they’re in prison and that person dating them on the outside that makes for a perfect relationship. This type of courting so to speak is only an artificiality perspective belief that when the prisoner gets out becoming a free man he will be there whole heartily for these women, but sadly enough that is not the case. Studies have shown that some inmate that do come home turn there back on the very person that has been there the entire time, manipulation of love promises from these prisoners along with the never-ending collect phone calls only to find that they have wasted years they can’t get back.

A convicted felon’s words come off so convincing; even telling you that his crimes are due to his environment which has affected his thoughts so he no longer wants to be tied down, now you become the problem when he gets home. It takes strong determination & lots of love to maintain loving a felon. In a conversation I had I proposed this question to several of my close friends, discussing this topic & most if not all stated these women craved this type of love It’s a co-dependency; desperately needing that person’s approval. These men cheat with other women and when they come home it worst, some even call off the relationship. It’s almost like having a pet butterfly that you keep in a jar – it’s yours, it isn’t going anywhere they know this and so they take advantage of kindness shown to them. Women always feel as if they can change these men or blame the other women he left behind, the one that has been there all along. These women truly believe that somehow they can change him, heal him, and mold him into their ideal man but finds out that’s not possible. When his bid is up& he arrives home dropping his pillow case full of the items accumulated in prison & your arms open to receive him, don’t be surprise if that story book romance you had plan isn’t what you imagine. For some it’s hard I’m sure to resist falling for a thug-criminal but that rebel tendency is only a conventional fling for some prisoner. There are obviously adjustments you have to make when the inmate comes home, because he will have been in an artificial environment for several or more years and that fear of him returning to his previous life or of committing the same crime again is something that must be discussed.

Don’t get me wrong – I don’t think it’s wrong to love any of these men just be realistic. Some of these convict deserves not to come out, you have real life murders, convicted crackheads, child molestation, etc… my point is after years of encouraging letters or phone calls, one thing is for sure: whenever – if ever – he does come out, those women will be waiting & I hope those felons will do right by them…


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