Bad, Bad Doggie!!!

Posted: October 21, 2010 in Uncategorized

October 21,2010. A toddler needed 50 stitches to her face after a family pet turned on her in a horrific attack. Cairn terrier Smokey, described by breeders as ‘the best little pal in the world’, after she accidentally stepped on his tail. The eight-year-old pet sank its teeth into Lilly’s face and tossed her around in the attack which nearly cost her an eye. The terrier has been put down and yesterday the toddler from Beddau, South Wales, was recovering after a another painful operation to repair her scarred face. Her father Lyn Llewellyn, 40, said: ‘The attack came from nowhere. We would never have expected it from Smokey.

‘We don’t know if the dog had a bad day or was unwell. It is very traumatic. But once an animal has done that, you can’t take the chance again. It’s been awful.’ The dog sank its teeth into her face, missing Lilly’s eye by a quarter of an inch. We don’t even know if this little girl lost her eyes her face was swollen and one eye was closed.’


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