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October 25, 2010. http://www.thatswhatsupnow.com reported earlier that Tye Tribbett was cheating on his wife – another man of the clothe. Our source has confirmed this to be true and Gospel singer Tye Tribbett sat down with the Press to explain how he betrayed the morals he learned as a child and his spiritually uplifting songs when he cheated on his wife a year ago – a misstep that resulted in her doing the same thing to him. Tribbett had an affair with a woman from his choir, Greater Anointing — known as G.A. He said it was with a woman he and his wife had counseled, but the relationship became “her and I more than the three of us. It got out of control.” In other word you were dipping.

FYI: Tye you & your wife freaky swinger ways – allowing crowds of strangers sucking on each other – caused your break up. Aren’t you supposed to be a man of the clothe?


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