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October 25,2010. People what the heck is wrong with this picture. We know Halloween is approaching and wigs have been a popular item for putting together the perfect costume. But one wig in particular the “Ghetto Fab” model has had a lot of people up in arms. The good news is retailers heard the outcry loud and clear and removed the offensive hairpiece. Its off the shelve in New Orleans folks! Question I want to know is “HOW THE HELL DID IT GET MADE IN THE FIRST PLACE?”

Here’s the actual packaging. We here at want to know if you are offended or would it be offensive if your white neighbor or co-worker met you at a Halloween party wearing this and calling themselves “Ghetto Fab”? Should retailers just steer clear of words like “Ghetto” and “Urban” in their packaging? Join our conversation we want to know your thoughts..


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