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October 25, 2010. http://www.Thatswhatsupnow.com has heard from our sources that this story from Raz B is getting crazier by the minute. Last week, Raz B released a video he claim as proof that he was molested. In the disturbing video, he is on the phone with Quinton Tarver (who was an artist under Chris Stokes management). Quinton was one of the first to come out and say he was molested by Chris Stokes before he was eventually silenced. In the video, he tells Raz B that Marques Houston made him bleed while Chris Stokes watched. The two then compared notes on the furniture in the room that they were molested in as well as what Marques man parts looked like (yes, tmi… but it’s evident these boys are scarred). Why would they come out and say these things if they weren’t true? This supposedly happened while he was a member of the group B2K. Marques Houston has been managed by Chris Stokes since he was in the group Immature which later changed their name to IMX before disbanding.

Think about it folks who in tha HELL would want to be raped in their anus? Does a girl whose been molested by a family member finally grow to like it, and in doing so, she allows it to continue? NO! I think perhaps anger rather than a true emotional plea for help and recompense may be fueling the need to expose these allegations, and to whatever extent they may be true OR false, it is sick and sad. At best, I hope this brings awareness to a serious issue in society. I agree with someone else who said if this was a more prevalent “mainstream” artists, the reaction from media would be different… But one question that comes to mind is this: if he is so torn, why not take it to the appropriate channels to have him truly come to justice? That’s where I don’t agree with Raz, and I think his actions are “suspect” in others eyes.

  1. Anonymous says:

    wow, i remember hearing his story awhile back.His group fell off, so he may no longer be of importance with his story.It’s sad,yet true!

  2. This story is more now so relevant & shocking. We just have to wait and see how this plays out in the coming months “Thanks for your comment.