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October 25, 2010. Taste of Atlanta was a dynamic, flavor-filled 2-day outdoor food and wine festival that showcases the diversity of Atlanta’s food scene and attracts food lovers from all over Atlanta, the Southeast and beyond. We here at http://www.Thatswhatsupnow.com had the opportunity to meet Christina Curry,one of the Chef who has her own catering business & partners with Atlanta Botanical Gardens as an editable garden chef. Her dish for the evening was “organic maple
glaze pork tenderloins”. And even though I didn’t get a chance to taste because I do not eat pork, there were definitely smiles from the audience once they got to taste the finished cuisine.

We strolled along 5th Street visiting several booths and got to Cafe Intermezzo, located in Buckhead across from Perimeter Mall. One of my favorite desserts was the Cookie & Cream cheese cake. I felt like I was backing home in Brooklyn New York at juniors; it was that amazing. Before leaving I met Mychael Knight from Project Runway and we spoke briefly about his upcoming line, Mychael Knight fall/winter fashion debuted early this year at Charleston Fashion Week in Charleston, South Carolina.


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