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October 26, 2010. readers wanted to find out why women stay in relationships lasting more than two years with no commitment, so we set out to interview several ladies and found a few ready to revile why they themselves stayed in long-term relationships. Astonished to find out that these women stories were the same, the answer they gave was that their partners truly love them but are scared to commit. Most of the women I interviewed was clueless stating that if the relationship is ok things are going good, why marry it will just change the dynamic of their love. But I find this to be bull crap ladies; if you gave that much time staying for over several years, one day look up and you have nothing to show for it then you are crazy to think that your response is acceptable.

An older lady sitting across from us got into the conversation but paused another sister went on and on about her man having no job driving her car. She said he won’t even wash her dirty car or take out the trash & sometimes steal money from her purse but she loves him cause he’s a good man she said. The dude lives with her and her kids, eating up her food, not contributing but she doesn’t mine because they love each other and a good man is hard to find especially in the ATL. Not once did she mention her kids, which I found to be definitely a problem, most women in this situation refuse to accept failure and because of lack of confidence or insecurity it makes females stay in relationships that has no future. The older lady joined in as the waiter brought our meals to the table, she began telling us that she was glad someone is talking about this issue because her daughter met a guy over the internet earlier this year which she has a problem with. She moved him into her home with her kids and is now pregnant and dude doesn’t work, they are sleeping on the floor with no furniture. Her relationship with her daughter is now strained and they hardly speak, she began crying so we each got up hugged her telling her to continue praying.

Ladies – your little boys do grow up to become men, you need to show them good examples by not living with a lazy, non-working men or staying in a relationship with no commitment because those little boys grows up doing exactly what they see and so the cycle repeats itself. I understand there is a shortage of good men ladies especially in the era of the ‘undercover brother syndrome but come on already you have got to stop using that excuse. One of the dumbest one by far is the one from an older lady in her fifties who have been in a long-term relationship for over twenty years. “We’re not married but we’ve been together for 15 years now so we’re pretty much married in the eyes of the law…” Is she for real…


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