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October 26,2010. Kim Zolciak to some may never be a real singer, she is more like an accidental dabbler who can sing and dance tunes with minimal range. The gay circuit party promoter figured her fame on “Real Housewife of Atlanta” and her catchy tune “Tardy for the Party” was enough to pay Kim some heavy bucks for a few minutes on stage, which they did. The real credit should have gone to Kandi Burruss who is the creator, songwriter & producer who helped make the “Tardy For The Party’ happen. Kim is delusional to think as a one hit wonder she will acquire such a title made for singers who have paved the way. She has been seen around the ATL in her yellow Lamborghini acting like lady Gaga but who is she kidding. And yes in case you’re wondering, she did rent that limousine just for her luggage when she did that gig for the gays. Her many wigs that she wears have real names such as Debbie, Jane, Jody, and Sierra. “Pack them all – not with the heads,” she told her assistant as they drove off with hair blowing in the wind.

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    her & that wig,lol