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October 29, 2010. For those who are not familiar with the Scott sisters please take the time to read this article regarding this backwoods Mississippi town injustice which still prevails. We here at http://www.thatswhatsupnow.com Demand justice & freedom for Jamie and Gladys Scott, two Black women with double life sentences for a robbery of $11 dollars! Jamie, very ill with kidney failure, was denied medical treatment by the state prison, which have left her at the point of death at the age of 38. Even if the Scott sisters had stolen $11 or $100 or $1000, which was not the case, it’s an outrage that they’ve been locked up for 15 ½ years and that the State intends to keep them in prison forever. Is an abuse of power? It’s more like the ill exercise of power in a country built on the backs of slaves. Their dad, James Rasco, died of a heart attack in 2003, full of anger and grief over not having been able to help his daughters.

Mrs. Evelyn Rasco, who takes care of her own children as well as those of Gladys and Jamie, has tenaciously knocked on doors, written, and called officials & civil rights groups that might be able to help free her daughters. Her older son has also helped out. The official response has been practically applying and demonstrations held at the State Capitol building in Jackson, Mississippi was an out cry for help, and in recent years, more information has gotten out about this case. The case of the Scott Sisters, Jamie and Gladys, just 18 & 19 years old when they were arrested, have spent almost 16 yrs of unjust incarceration a shocking revelation of the pure nothingness with which our lives are deemed in the eyes of this society and world, where such travesties of justice are heaped upon our women with hate-filled arrogance and in plain view.

Mississippi: We will speak loudly and clearly to the devaluation of these Black women bodies & lives. We want our readers and people of all colors to stand with us on these issues because none of us are free until we are all free. We declare that we will do what we must, what is required to protect our community, our families and our children from systemic harm which results in their destruction. We will not be pressed down. We will remember our rich history, our person who before us lives were taken; we’re wise, courageous and not afraid to take a stand!! PLEASE CONTACT DR. GLORIA PERRY’S OFFICE AT (601)359-5155 AND ASK HER TO PLEASE TAKE JAMIE TO THE DOCTOR…LEND YOUR VOICE TO THIS INJUSTICE!!!


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