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October 31, 2010. decided not put the video of Cazwell, the white gay rapper shaking his azz on our site. The video which contain explicit & inappropriate content, is not suitable for our younger audience & for that reason we apologize. With his summer smash, “Ice Cream Truck” getting tons of buzz (almost three million views on YouTube), Cazwell blew up in a big way. He performed at Lux last weekend, which was the complete opposite of what we typically see in the rap game, but kept it real by rapping about what’s on his mind and never making apologies for offending someone along the way.

Cazwell is originally from Massachusetts and has been in a rap group called Morplay where he used to rap with his friend, a butch dyke named Crasta. He said they met when they were 13 and began rapping right away. After they both turned 18, everyone they knew was in a punk rock group located in Massachusetts, and people would go to house parties with kegs in the woods & he said they would all just bob heads to the music. Later Cazwell moved from Boston because he had to get the hell out of Massachusetts. Then went to New York where his career took off. The “Ice Cream Truck” video has more than 2.3 million You Tube views and it features lots of male rear ends in underpants shaking everything God gave them, front & back. Cazwell, 32, says some people complain the video objectified guys the way straight videos objectify the girls. ‘His response: “I didn’t objectify anyone who didn’t want to be objectified and the conclusion is that no matter how good he maybe people as a great songwriting you can bet straight people will still have issues hanging out with gay people in the hip-hop industry.


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