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November1, 2010 A few games in and the Miami offense has sputtered. Pat Riley thinks they need another shooter especially with Mike Miller out until after the calendar turns to 2011. Dec 15 he will start the trade when free agents signed this summer , two different team executives said they expect the Heat to dangle $3 million and second-year PG Mario Chalmers to a lottery-bound team looking to shed the long-term contract of a mid-priced spot-up shooting PG. Pat Riley’s objective is to find another shooter to space the floor, choices are BJ Armstrong or John Paxson from his Chicago days playing alongside Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen. I say “Good luck getting those guys, even if the deal is a good one for the team, the GM would be crucified in that city for helping out the Miami team that “stole” their star). But Miami is right, they do need a more pure shooting point guard. No lets talk about the Golden Boy Lebron for a minuet shall we.

Everyone has focus on Lebron being this Golden Boy,” well people guess what the expectations for Lebron –set by him, his team and Nike – are much higher I think than that of Shaq (back in the Orlando days). Malone gave it all and as he approached retirement made a move to join a championship team, it didn’t work out and he was the joke of the town. We were supposed to ‘witness’ something big, remembers? A campaign that makes the King one of the richest athletes, well good for him, me personally I was ready to witness the person who was supposed to be better than my idol: Jordan and now I’m left to “witness” Lebron as a supporting cast to Wade and for that, I say he’s not my Golden Boy…


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