POOR THANG: “Randy Moss Jobless… “VIKINGS Hit Him With The Cut Action!!

Posted: November 1, 2010 in Uncategorized

We told you guys two months ago that Randy was nothing but drama, why are we not surprise of this news out to today regarding his cut from the Vikings. The Minnesota Vikings have decided to waive Randy Moss just weeks after they traded a third-round draft pick to the New England Patriots for the receiver. Chris Mortensen weighs in on the Vikings’ decision to waive Randy Moss and discusses what comes next for the seven-time Pro Bowler. Vikings players said Monday that coach Brad Childress told them that Moss “is no longer with us.” Linebacker Ben Leber told the Star Tribune that Childress didn’t give the team a reason for Moss’ ousting from Minnesota. No reason, really, He didn’t really go into any details just said that’s what we’re going to go with.” Moss’ name did not appear on the league’s official waiver report Monday, and a league source tells ESPN NFL Insider if Moss does not appear on waivers until Tuesday, he could not be awarded to another team until Wednesday at the earliest. Moss’ agent said the receiver was saddened by the news. leave us a comment tell us what you think is Randy really that dramatic like his team mates are stating?


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