London Milani calls herself a visionary of relationships, but it did not come easily. After ending a fourteen year off & on abusive marriage, London struggled as a single parent to gain back her control. She began her career by re-evaluating her past mistakes and triumphs by forgiving her husband. She used the closure that came with her marriage relationship breakdown as inspiration in writing her book titled, “Can Anyone Here Me Crying!” Her pursuit also led to freelance writing opportunities, writing several realities show ideas which are still in the making as well as creating her own blog site –

It was from there that her career unexpectedly took an upward turn. London Milani favorite female pop artist is Celine Dion, Marvin Sapp, Yolanda Adam & the man himself R-Kelly. To describe her personality one would say she is sophisticated and mysterious. London is far from modest, as all aspects of her life & career are unique. After finishing college (majoring in communication), her goal was to work in radio but that was put on hold. London is passionate about being artistic and letting her creative juices flow for her so working a 9 to 5 does not allow that, but you won’t catch her bragging as she is extremely confident. She adores Gospel, R&B and Pop, and her favorite line is “If they’re not talking about you, you ain’t nobody!” and “That’s what’s up!!!”

  1. gezell says:

    your blog looks great.Thanks for the updates on whats going on!

  2. Issiah Grayson says:

    Dang mom, this is tight mom, im proud of you!

  3. sparkle says:

    Thank you for visiting my site tell a friend, more gossip coming soon.

  4. sparkle says:

    awww” shucks “thank you for visiting my site tell a friend, more gossip coming soon.

  5. Peta says:

    Nice work Sparkle.. You did a great job pulling everything together.. also.. great domain name; “thatswhatsupnow”… the blog has a very Urban (NY) feel to it..

  6. Berle Winston, Jr. says:


    Great blog. I agree in part . . . black men true sexual identity should not be undercover. As you stated . . . they are putting us all at risk. As such, this is definitely wrong and bad business for us a people and a nation. Please know, I don’t uphold abuse of any kind, against any individual. However, I must reserve the right to spectulate until the details are revealed through the courts. Please know, there is a compelling underlying issue “money”. Irregardless of the alledgations, although very disturbing, this is a man of God. As such, I will let God judge. Once the truth is revealed, then I might express my opinion accordingly. Until then, I am l governing myself accordingly, recognizing we all have come short of his glory regardless of our place or position in this society.

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