Inside source revealed that Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt claim they’ve blown $10 million and are behind $2 million in taxes, are considering filing for bankruptcy and have no place to live. While we don’t believe anything the gruesome twosome says, that music “career” had to be a huge financial disaster and 120 plastic surgeries can’t be cheap. “We were immature, worrying too much about fame instead of the business part,” Spencer tells Life & Style which likely paid for the right to speak to him. Heidi and Spencer never imagined “The Hills” wouldn’t still be successful four years after its 2006 debut which is absurd, since that’s actually a long run. The final season was cut from 20 episodes to 10 and they weren’t paid for the 10 unaired episodes they were inexplicably booted from, well times apparently got tough.

We thought “The Hills” would be like 90210 and we’d have 5-10 years said Spencer, but the ratings were consistent but we never saw Jersey Shore coming.” Seriously, these two are weirdos and we could care less either way there just a couple of punk heads with no sense at all they will do anything for attention… SMH!!


These two ladies are so adorable together. Cori, the daughter of both Shante &Snoop was diagnosed with Lupus earlier this year. This has brought the family closer and the entire family has banded together to become spokespersons for finding a cure, not only for their daughter but other like her with this condition. Snoop and his daughter Cori recorded a song together for this cause of Lupus and the song is schedule for release this December.

In preparation for her mix tape “Love Thy Brother,” dropping this Friday 11/5/2010, Christi Michele writes to her fans: “Love Thy Brother” is a mix tape that me and my brother Lem Payne conceptualized and dreamed about doing for so long. It’s a special project that’s dear to us. We go from Aston Martin Music to the state of Black Boys in America so creatively, each song you hear from “Love Thy Brother,” represents the struggle. I poured my blood, sweat, and tears into each of these songs, but they didn’t make my first 3 albums,” she said. “But each song was dear to me in their own special way and I wanted the world to hear these songs out of love for all of my fans. I just wanted to give something back to all the fans that have supported throughout the years. This mix tape is for you… the fans.”

This made us laugh so hard that we started crying. The look on her mother’s face is PRICELESS! loved this…she kept it real!

Nov 2, 2010. Lil’ Tristan Wilds has big thangs poppin! From his role in “The Wire” to the new, more diverse “90210,” this kid seems to always be doing bigger & better things. And Tristan’s latest career move? MUSIC. His new song “The Runaround” will be out in stores next year…

November 02, 2010. just learned from our inside sources that Omarosa and her BF, actor Michael Clarke Duncan, is dating. No one was more surprised than we were to see that The Apprentice’s bitchie Omarosa, whose real name is Manigault Stallworth, was dating “The Green Mile” gentle giant Michael Clarke Duncan – but the two have confirmed to that they are, indeed, a couple. SO WEIRD.

Nice come up Omarosa, dude’s been in a bunch of big movies, like Sin City, A Green Mile, The Whole Nine Yards, Planet of the Apes, The Scorpion King, The Island and Daredevil. Yeah, his paper is VERY proper..

Although the case had seemed to quiet down around the nation, Bishop Eddie Long is back in the news having filed four lengthy responses to the each of the four young men’s allegations that he seduced them into sexual relationships. Find out more details and read Bishop’s responses inside… On Monday, Bishop Eddie Long, pastor of New Birth Missionary Baptist Church with a membership of 25,000, filed four detailed responses in DeKalb County State Court where he denied all allegations that he coerced four young men into sexual relationships. As reported by The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Bishop Long asked that the four lawsuits be dismissed and judgment be entered in his favor. ‘we will see Bishop but first we need answers don’t you want to tell us all what happened??