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We all got to witness the celebration of women who have paved the way like i.e.; Missy Elliot, Ruby Dee, Raven Simone, Michelle Obama and so many others to name a few. One of the most influence women honored last night was actress and activist Ruby Dee who has been rocking for century, Ruby and husband actor Ossie Davis was a personal friend of both Martin Luther King Jr. & Malcolm X the actress is said to have danced down the red carpet when she learned that she was being presented the Living Legend Award from BET. to present the award actress Lynn Whitfield introduced her as being a symbol of “everything that Black Girls Rock’ stood for. Actress Dee is most known for her roles in ‘A Raisin in the Sun’, ‘Jungle Fever’, and ‘Just Cause’ Thatswhatsupnow.com congratulate Ruby Dee for being our Baddest Chick that rocks…rock on Ruby, rock On….

Bandy Norwood is having a hell of a year with a top rated reality show and her current stint on “Dancing with the Stars”. She is also the cover subject of Upscale Magazine’s upcoming December Issue. Inside, she opens up about motherhood, her reality TV show, and her past. She said people call me a murder they taunt me and send pictures of cars that are basically annihilated. Every report has stated that I was not at fault. People still don’t care” Well we care Brandy, forgiveness is the key and only God can judge keep moving sister.

Nov 5, 2010. http://www.Thatswhatsupnow.com hottie of the week, Ulisses Williams, Jr., is a fitness model, personal trainer and gym manager with a private health club in New York City. This eye candy is also affiliated with the “City Gym Boys” Urban Fitness Company, as a featured model in public appearances and in specialty items. Presently he’s launching various fitness projects involving printed media, television, modeling, instruction, and teaching. Get this ladies: his family is from West Africa & St. Thomas, Virgin Islands and he is only 29 years old. He began training at the age of 19 and explains to us that he is very disciplined when it comes to his work out regimen and looks forward each day to seeing how his body grows naturally over the years. ‘Get at me player anytime anywhere LOL!!!’

Nov 5, 201.0 http://www.Thatswhatsupnow.com learned that Amber Portwood, the teen mom on reality show “Pregnant at 16” has a bit of an anger management problem but all this is now common knowledge. The police wanted to see just how bad it is so Officials in Anderson, Ind., plan to subpoena MTV for the unedited footage of the decidedly one-sided fight between Amber Portwood & Gary Shirley. “We’re looking for any behavior that would be considered to be unlawful where the law is broken,” Anderson PD spokesman Mitch Carroll Told E! News. “From what we have seen so far from the allegations, and we have to bear in mind that we’re dealing with edited footage, it could be something as simple as misdemeanor domestic violence battery – a Class A misdemeanor.” Personally I think she need serious help…where the hell is Dr Phil??

Wayne was released from the Rikers Island prison facility after serving eight months of a year-long sentence for attempted gun possession. According to source a guard revealed that he had to wait another day due to “miscalculated” time, at 8:35 a.m. Spokesperson at Rikers confirmed that Wayne had been discharged, released just before day break. The first words Lil Wayne utter out of his mouth was “It’s gonna be crazy, we will have a private party first and then we going to King of Diamonds after, which is a strip club. It’s going to be crazy, it’s going to be real elegant, extravagant, we gonna party like when Frank came home, like the movie ‘King of New York’…. It should be a lot of beautiful women, just … beautiful scenery, I’m royalty.”

Source-MTV News

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