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October 31,2010. Don Lemon, anchor for CNN, was a victim of a Pedophile as a kid. While covering the biggest news story to hit the black community since the Chris Brown scandal & the Eddie Long allegations, Don Lemon revealed something very private to his viewers. During a conversation with a few of Bishop Eddie Long’s supporters, the CNN anchor admitted on-air for the very first time that he was sexually abused by a pedophile as a kid. The journalist said: “I have never admitted this on television. I was a victim of a pedophile when I was a kid; someone who was much older than me. I have never admitted that on television. I didn’t tell my mom that until I was 30 years old.”

We can clearly see that it was a tough decision to talk about something so painful & so personal -but we can only hope that his confession will help others who may have gone through the same predicament. During the segment something interesting popped up: “Why are all of the Christians praying for Bishop Eddie Long and leaving out the four male teenage members of his church who may have been taken advantage of?” Did it ever occur to Eddie Long’s church members that there is a tiny possibility that he might have done the things he is accused of, just like the thousands of catholic priests who have slept with little boys?


October 31, 2010. decided not put the video of Cazwell, the white gay rapper shaking his azz on our site. The video which contain explicit & inappropriate content, is not suitable for our younger audience & for that reason we apologize. With his summer smash, “Ice Cream Truck” getting tons of buzz (almost three million views on YouTube), Cazwell blew up in a big way. He performed at Lux last weekend, which was the complete opposite of what we typically see in the rap game, but kept it real by rapping about what’s on his mind and never making apologies for offending someone along the way.

Cazwell is originally from Massachusetts and has been in a rap group called Morplay where he used to rap with his friend, a butch dyke named Crasta. He said they met when they were 13 and began rapping right away. After they both turned 18, everyone they knew was in a punk rock group located in Massachusetts, and people would go to house parties with kegs in the woods & he said they would all just bob heads to the music. Later Cazwell moved from Boston because he had to get the hell out of Massachusetts. Then went to New York where his career took off. The “Ice Cream Truck” video has more than 2.3 million You Tube views and it features lots of male rear ends in underpants shaking everything God gave them, front & back. Cazwell, 32, says some people complain the video objectified guys the way straight videos objectify the girls. ‘His response: “I didn’t objectify anyone who didn’t want to be objectified and the conclusion is that no matter how good he maybe people as a great songwriting you can bet straight people will still have issues hanging out with gay people in the hip-hop industry.

October 31, 2010. Eddie Long Scandal continues: Reuben Armstrong & Prophet H. Walker plan to rally against New Birth. In the latest episode of the Bishop Eddie Long Scandal, we have learned that Reuben Armstrong – who is a well known Texan radio personality – and Prophet H. Walker -who leads the True Light Pentecostal Church in Spartanburg, South Carolina – have teamed up for a big rally that will take place in Atlanta, Georgia over the weekend in order to demand that the religious figure resigns from his post immediately at the New Birth Missionary Baptist Church.

H. Walker is asking the public to join him in on October 31th at the State Capitol in order to show support for the four young men who are Anthony Flagg, Maurice Robinson, Jamal Parris & Spencer LeGrande, who claimed that the good pastor manipulated them into having sex with him in exchange of luxurious gifts such as cars and fancy trips.

October 31, 2010. Aretha Franklin wants Halle Berry to portray her in her upcoming film about her life. She said that she thought that Berry would be excellent for playing a younger version of her, even though it is not clear if Berry is actually all that great of a singer or not. She also named Denzel Washington as a potential suitor for the role of her father, CL Franklin. Aretha said that she would like to see Terrence Howard and Smokey Robinson appear in the film as well…Franklin will reportedly be looking over a possible script for a movie about her life in the months to follow, and is already hard at work trying to recruit actors and actresses for the upcoming film.

Some experts have speculated that she has set her sights too high with her current wish list, as it would be hard to find a budget for all of those high-profile stars. Aretha is getting over her illness and has also lost a quite a bit of weight. Her film will no doubt unveil the real queen of soul – we can’t wait…

October 29, 2010. My girl Kandi, best known as 1/4 of the 90′s group Xscape and current star of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, premiered her new video for “Leave U”, produced by super-producer Jazze Pha, who Kandi says understands her movement. Last night on BET “she” plugs new track & the video which features actor Pooch Hall (The Game) and an Atlanta Artist, Vawn. I love Kandi’s voice in this record. Kandi’s new project is expected to drop later this year via Asylum/Warner Bros Records. She announced on 106 and Park that she will be going on tour with Fantasia soon…how cool is that…

October 29, 2010. T.I. may has escaped charges from his September arrest in Los Angeles, but it looks like his Ride or Die Chick wife Tameka Tiny Cottle didn’t get off so easy. has just learned that the LAPD plan to charge Tiny with possession of ecstasy pills.

October 29, 2010. For those who are not familiar with the Scott sisters please take the time to read this article regarding this backwoods Mississippi town injustice which still prevails. We here at Demand justice & freedom for Jamie and Gladys Scott, two Black women with double life sentences for a robbery of $11 dollars! Jamie, very ill with kidney failure, was denied medical treatment by the state prison, which have left her at the point of death at the age of 38. Even if the Scott sisters had stolen $11 or $100 or $1000, which was not the case, it’s an outrage that they’ve been locked up for 15 ½ years and that the State intends to keep them in prison forever. Is an abuse of power? It’s more like the ill exercise of power in a country built on the backs of slaves. Their dad, James Rasco, died of a heart attack in 2003, full of anger and grief over not having been able to help his daughters.

Mrs. Evelyn Rasco, who takes care of her own children as well as those of Gladys and Jamie, has tenaciously knocked on doors, written, and called officials & civil rights groups that might be able to help free her daughters. Her older son has also helped out. The official response has been practically applying and demonstrations held at the State Capitol building in Jackson, Mississippi was an out cry for help, and in recent years, more information has gotten out about this case. The case of the Scott Sisters, Jamie and Gladys, just 18 & 19 years old when they were arrested, have spent almost 16 yrs of unjust incarceration a shocking revelation of the pure nothingness with which our lives are deemed in the eyes of this society and world, where such travesties of justice are heaped upon our women with hate-filled arrogance and in plain view.

Mississippi: We will speak loudly and clearly to the devaluation of these Black women bodies & lives. We want our readers and people of all colors to stand with us on these issues because none of us are free until we are all free. We declare that we will do what we must, what is required to protect our community, our families and our children from systemic harm which results in their destruction. We will not be pressed down. We will remember our rich history, our person who before us lives were taken; we’re wise, courageous and not afraid to take a stand!! PLEASE CONTACT DR. GLORIA PERRY’S OFFICE AT (601)359-5155 AND ASK HER TO PLEASE TAKE JAMIE TO THE DOCTOR…LEND YOUR VOICE TO THIS INJUSTICE!!!